See what our visitors are saying about the flea market!

Brad S. — If you’re from out of town, this is a MUST SEE place to stop. We are just a couple of locals who haven’t been to this place, in the 20+ years I’ve lived in the area, until today. We browsed for several hours this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices are and what a variety of vendors you have! There’s literally something for everyone, Men, Women, Children, Families…. I got a very good quality leather belt, sized, cut, and punched to my preference on the spot while I watched. We enjoyed chatting with Jim & Carol as well as the other vendors.

Linda H. — No matter how many times I have been here I look forward to going again with each trip to Amish country. So many things to look at, so many deals.

Jeremy N. — There is something for everyone at this flea market. Whether it be for you or someone else, you can find something. From food to fun stuff they’ve got you covered. There is homemade food, handmade items, and your everyday cheap items you like to keep stocked around the house. they also have decorations and just trinkets and do dads you can’t help but stop and take a look at. You won’t be disappointed.

Paul S. — Super clean, great food, nice restrooms, and enough random stuff to be able to find something cool every time!!! Overall great place to visit!

Sally M. — If u can’t find something here, you’re not looking. So many options. Crafts, jewelry, baskets, nautical, toys, tools, clothes, bags, shoes, movies, glassware, Avon, curtains, knives, sports memorabilia, books, collector dolls, antiques, puzzles..the list GOES ON AND ON!!! Pet friendly, giveaways, super clean, great cafe food and awesome staff and vendors. Great place to spend some time and make some new friends.

David G. — A plethora of choices including baked goods, decorations, jewelry, toys, etc. Enough room for handicapped accessibility.

Jay R. — The Holmes County Flea Market is simply the best! You have to see it to understand why it is so unique, and meet the folks that work there to experience how nice everyone is! As it is all indoors, rain or shine, snow or sleet, you’re bound to have a wonderful time there!

Chris & Shusie H. — The food at Blessings Café is amazing! Try to find a better burger anywhere. There’s a great little leggings shop. So soft and reasonable. Another place has wonderful placemats and table runners. Several quality Christmas decor shops. Clean friendly atmosphere.